Decorotti Warranty

Please add the Warranty Activation Code, which is included in the product packages you have purchased, Decorotti guarantee to the Activation form. All equipment used in its production; It has ISO 9001-2015, TUV, SUD, TSE quality certificates.

Decorotti Warranty Form

It is guaranteed by us for 2 years against all kinds of manufacturing defects.
The product is semi-disassembled and is shipped in a special export carton in a situation where you can assemble it easily.
Our products are MDF, MDF LAM, CHIPBOARD, and HIGH GLOSS; Made using materials.
It is CE certified and TSE approved & E1 Quality does not contain carcinogenic substances, is Anti-Bacterial.
1st Class Workmanship, 1st Class Material, 2 Years Manufacturing guarantee, Spare Parts Assurance, and Timely Delivery.
There is a guarantee Activation Code Sent in the Product [ Package ] You Have Purchased.
Please fill out the form below completely for the product guarantee to be active.

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